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Question The Transition. How the f*** did I get here. I need your help guys.

Hey crew,

So first, one of my new years resolutions - POST ON HERE, MORE. This site has so much value to offer, and hopefully my musings might be able to assist others too. Thats all I can hope for.

This is a long post. Its about my internal grappling with direct, inner game AI method, and the two years of MM that ive tricked myself into beleiving and doing. It seems that all those years of MM are making it harder to bring out my true masculine genuine self. I want to know if other guys have had this problem, and what they have done about it. If you want more of an insight - the long, interesting version - please read on. And, as I review my post- it may seem that I am partial to MM, and not so warm on AI. This is bullshit. AI is the way. AI is masculinity. AI is me. But thats not what this post is about. Its about the conflict of the two. So make no mistake.

Two paths diverged in the woods. The first path was the main path - the most well worn, most safe, and the easiest to take. The second was the path less travelled. More difficult. Longer. More dangerous. But it felt right. And ultimately, the rewards of taking this path, I knew, were greater.

I am talking about convention pickup - Mystery Method - and direct, inner game, that some of you may know as 'AI' style.

So I gamed, on and off, for ab out a year and a half. I flirted with Mystery method. Actually, Im lying - I read a lot of shit about it, but didnt get into the field in adequate proportions. But, I knew all the theory, and when I did go into the field, I did alright. So here I was, on the path to becoming a pickup arist.

Then, I found AI. I found direct, natural, inner game. It was natural, it was me, it felt right, and holy shit - When I was 'in state,' when I was the man, when I was having a blast out with my boys - I was unstoppable. Best example would be this NYE. Me and a friend of mine went to Harbour Party, Luna Park, and ended up taking home twins. No lines. No routines. That shit didnt even cross my mind - that night, I was THE MAN, and those girls knew it. NYE 2008 was one of the best nights of my life, and it was AI. This will be my next post - NYE 'field report.'

But, to today - January, 2009. I strolled into the Arglye with a crew a few nights back. I look around the room. 2 years of artifical insemination begin running through my head. 3 second rule, open, hook, DHV, isolate, blah blah fucken blah. A few months back, I would have opened every set in the room with MM. But now - It didnt not feel right. It did not feel me. It was like I had my jocks on backwards. It worked, it did what it was supposed, but shit just wasnt sitting right. And then, in that moment, I realised that if I tried to MM my way through that club, I would have crashed and burned so many times because I knew I would have been kidding myself, and those beautiful women could have smelt my ingenuiness a mile away. At least a few months ago, I had no idea that there was another way.

So I think - direct game, inner game, yeah - thats the way to go. I know its the way to go - a mixture of experience and something deeper that tells me Im right. So on one shoulder, I have Mystery Method. On the other, AI game. AI game.. Do I just walk up to a girl and say 'Hi, your beautiful. Sorry, I didnt think very far in advance, Im not sure what comes next.. My name is Hussy?' Sure.

And then... Two years of MM kicks in. I can see mystery in his big fucken top hat on my left shoulder.. "Dude. That sucks. Your conveying interest, your cant appraoch groups like that, how are you going to manage expectations, ra ra fucken ra...." Basically, the PUA part of my mind that I brainwshed into thinking MM just kicks into overdrive and negates all that I know is right about AI. Mystery asks me - "So - do you have an opener? No? Ok... How are you going to break into a set? Oh, you dont know? Well, it seems AI doesnt have the answers.. Myster Method does Hussy.."

And its true. MM has an answer for eveything. Thats what it is boys and girls, its a scientific method of predicting every possible reaction of a girl to ultimately get her into bed with you. And this is why guys like it - It has the answers. There is a linear formula. AI has no formula. This is why it is great... But when your trying to erase something like MM from your head with something as amorphous, genuine and free flowing such as AI, it becomes difficult.

I got pissed off. So I didnt really talk to girls. I hung out with my friends and had fun with them instead. But it was a sign of a deeper problem. I KNOW AI is the way. I KNOW MM is a heap of shit. But MM is stopping me from being the man I am.

I get the feeling that the guys on the PUA part of this forum have had the same issues. Someone like EQ is an example of something who has kicked the MM habit so hard, its probably worked in favour for him. Guys - I need your help.

Sorry if this post is schizophrenic and wacked out. Thats pretty much the situation at the moment.

Stay sexy, Men.


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Default Re: The Transition. How the f*** did I get here. I need your help guys.

thats straight fromt the heart my man. one part that resonates with me is the struggle with kicking the habit.

you are right, mystery method has an answer for everything. the part they never told you is that the answer isnt always right and effective.

i am a creative person so i will share a metaphore with you.

i (as a coach) could give you quality brushes and an assortment of paints, different colours. i could show you all the basic principles of how to mix colours and what techniques to use and the results of each technique.

but that does not make you an artist. you have to try out different things fuck up, start again. over and over and over again.

artistry comes with years of practice.

my art tutor and great mentor once told me "if you know it's going to require a great deal of effort, just do it."

their is no mm way or ai way or even a dhl way there is the "hussy way".

feel into your heart

you are still attached to the outcome of all this. and its never going to pan out the way you want it to.

serious dude ever. mystery method has answers but crackheads think that crack is the answer too.

its like asking a river what way it wants to flow. you are trying to figure out what is happening before it happens.
if its hard for you to feel into your heart then


if you dont know than you have your hands in the air but your feet on the gas.

the race is not given to the swift my friend it's given to the ones that adore it.

i cannot wait to one on one with you buddy. there is so much that i want to share

all in good time.

you need to call me so we can arrange a time too.


i feel your frustration dude i really do

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Default Re: The Transition. How the f*** did I get here. I need your help guys.

Lol huss, i love your whole "i know i sound like i love mm bit at the start" seems to me l

ike your pretty set on AI method, or as e.q. outs it; the HA method. All I can say is I

can't wait to get back in the field with a new way of thinking about things.
The man who says "I am going to fail" and the man who says "I am going succeed" are both right.
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Old 03-25-2009, 06:18 PM
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Default Re: The Transition. How the f*** did I get here. I need your help guys.

Way to go man. Its always good to see that someone who found the whole MM thing at the beginning and really dived into it realize that yes he does have a good method but its not the only method and you dont have to be a super rock star magician to pull girls.

You can be yourself and still be awesome.

Good work man!
Matt Havok - Inside the Mind
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Smile acr

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