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Old 11-24-2008, 07:09 AM
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Arrow Making Girls Work For It

Hey guys, this is a recent post, i put up onto Limestone before it went under. Most members never even saw this post as it was on the private section. Its a fantastic post.... Enjoy it... Feel special you got to read it...

After a long time finally reflecting on what i want to achieve... I have come to the conclusion that i want girls who are more into me than i am into them! I want girls to fucking chase me. I never really wanted much - i was very comfortable doing the chasing before... But lately, i really cannot stand girls that GOLD DIG so this post is because of this.

__________________________________________________ ____________

I really don’t think I make girls chase enough. I really don’t hold the belief that its hard either! Now, I am not going to say that I constantly get girls to chase – that is definitely not the case… Well, sort of… I do make them work for it a little bit… but NO WAY NEAR ENOUGH!

I stumbled upon AN AWESOME post. It really is brilliant… The post/article was orginally posted by Sinn on The Lounge...

I have been trying to get what I have been thinking about for some time down into words, but really couldn’t do it. But, since I found this post, I now understand what I was trying to articulate…


The emotion you want to hit to make girls chase you is “fear of loss”… I could only describe it in terms of what to do… Which was fucking my head over… And also, the way I was describing how to do it, was amazingly harsh – like for example… If she plays 3 different games(manipulative moves) she’s out of there and not worth your time. I was thinking along the lines of *showing the willingness to walk*… K… Which you have to do to get a girl to chase you… But you don’t have to be soo harsh as giving them three strikes on such little things. What fits into this category of “showing willingness to walk” ??? Disqualifying fits into this category... So does roll offs/takeaways/freezeouts. Being picky in A3.

There is another key aspect to creating this fear of loss… That is – Intense screening/qualification. You need to be VERY picky and THE CHOOSER! Girls only choose if you set the frame that they get to choose.

I realised the importance of screening/qualification way back in the day when I heard Rick H talk on Dave D’s Mastery with women and dating… He said “if you don’t qualify, you are not attractive”… that started it off for me… Then David X – he opens and then Continuously screens. He asks about 30000 questions – really hit home the importance of screening.

This builds compliance. You slowly escalate the hoops – making her work for it.


Get her to give you compliments

Get her to guess your age

Get her to give you a cigarette

You need to build that compliance.

You should know how to build compliance!!!

I don’t think this is a finished post… And please realise that I did not come up with any of this. This stuff is like well known – I have merely merged things together in my head and put it on paper.

I am going to play around with this HEAPS in the next month or so. I think Skuzzy was working on something like this a while back… Check out his thread called “the s factor”. Its here in the VIP section – advanced game. Do a search if you have to.

Questions and comments welcome

Still Living, Learning and Experiencing

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Old 11-27-2009, 01:28 AM
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Default Making Girls Work For It

Oh yeah: Dumb Bells are MUCH better to use for your chest as they work the stabalizer muscles with a standard Bar Bell doesnt really do.
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